QualtricsAPI Documentation

Qualtrics is an awesome company that builds software which gives users the ability to collect online data through online surveys. This python package, exists as a wrapper on top of the Qualtrics API. This package’s primary goal is to be a super convenient way for python users to ingest, or upload their data from Qualtrics to their development environment, and vice versa.

Before we continue, I want to mention two things:

First, you must have Qualtrics API access in order to use this package. Contact whomever your Qualtrics Account Manager is for further clarification on your account’s access credentials.

Secondly, this package is not affiliated with Qualtrics. Thus, I the author of this package, Jeremy Seibert, is not affiliated with Qualtrics, and Qualtrics does not offer support for this package. For specific information about the Qualtrics API, you can refer to their official documentation.


There are currently two primary uses of this package.

There are currently three primary uses of this package.

Contact Data - to manage survey contacts within the XMDirectory and any associated Mailing Lists.

Survey Data - to manage surveys and the data collected from each of your surveys.

Distribution Data - to manage the distributions (i.e. emails) which are sent to contacts as invites, reminders to complete surveys.

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